A high performance exhaust hood with the best features.

A kitchen hood devised from the combination of high technology and quality materials.

Just as you want the latest technology in your car or cell phone, the same way you can search features with advanced technology to aspirate and purify the air in your kitchen. We propose you a wall-mounted exhaust hood from Elica, which will highlight the decoration of your space and work optimally.

Why choose an Elica exhaust hood? In addition to our experience of 40 years, we can tell you that we are a company that performs several investigations in our Elica TechLab where we test and learn new ways to manufacture our range hoods with the most useful features for you.

We have different patents that allow us to provide exclusive features such as a system to reduce noise but keep working with high performance as well as a small cylinder containing all the functions the range hood needs, but in a small space. Visit our online catalog now.

European-style stainless range hoods that never go out of fashion; a touch of elegance with the best technology.

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High performance: your wall-mounted range hood on autopilot

Elica has different lines so you can choose the features that most fit your requirements, such as high performance. That is why we have the Aspire line, which groups range hoods specially designed to work in demanding kitchens where cleaning the air is constant and can not be interrupted.

Chef Control: your needs becomes orders automatically

Gone are the days where you have to calculate the time required to aspirate the air in your kitchen after preparing your food, in addition to turn the exhaust hood off at the right time. With Elica you just have to set the type of food you prepare and your range hood will be in charge of regulating itself at all times.

Evolution: the link between the present and the future of the range hoods

If we speak of technological advances, we must mention Evolution, Elica's patented technology in which brings together the main functions of a range hood -aspiration, filtration, Ilumination- in a small stainless steel cylinder, allowing you to place this small engine in any type of range hood design, even if it is intricate.

Perimeter aspiration: we offer alternatives to aspirate your kitchen

Among the advantages you get when you purchase a range hood with Elica, is the fact that we offer different options to fit your kitchen. In this case the perimeter extraction operates when the air is redirected around the same range hood, so this allows energy savings.

If you live in Louisiana, Tennessee to Texas, you can visit our online catalog and find out where you can purchase our range hoods.

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