How to choose the best kitchen hood?

The external motor of our exhaust hoods allows you to reduce noise pollution by more than 35%.

What is the number one request of customers to kitchen hood manufacturers? That their range hoods do not emit excessive noise or have an almost imperceptible noise level. This is because, before, the range hoods produced a deafening noise that turned unbearable chore of cooking. Today this has changed because range hoods brands are able to offer engines that can be installed outside the kitchen.

Indeed, the motor of the best kitchen hood can be placed out of a room and be able to continue sucking and cleaning the air in the same way, except that now the noise occurs elsewhere. This feature is found within the Elica range hoods, which allows you to decide the location of the engine from the moment you are installing the cooker hood. This benefit is in most of our models.

This is the right to acquire one of the kitchen exhaust hood Elica time. The type of engine installation can become the feature you want to accomplish in your kitchen, either because of lack of space or because you want to maintain a peaceful atmosphere in your kitchen. Noise reduction which is achieved by this engine change is greater than 35%.

When you install your Elica cooker hood you can decide if the motor is placed inside or outside your kitchen, according to noise reduction you want.

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Elica Deep Silence: power does not mean excessive noise.

We added to our range hoods the features most requested by our customers, including having quieter equipment that can work with optimum performance. We can say that our research shows that noise reduction is at a level higher than 35% compared to traditional range hoods.

Chef Control

We send our products to Chicago, Boston and Phoenix as well. Chef Control is a technology designed for people who want to automate their daily tasks. Within this technology there are the Silent and Turbo functions, so our customers convert their requirements in automatic commands. In this case, we have exhaust hoods on which you can select the cooking time and decide the extraction power that is required.

LED: lighting that transforms your kitchen and reduces energy consumption.

The trend in design and technology is pointing towards the care and respect for the environment through different actions. One of these actions is focused on optimizing non-renewable resources, such as electricity. With LED technology inside your range hood you light up your kitchen without polluting emissions.

Exclusive materials are part of our formula for making the best range hoods.

Blown glass, stainless steel, leather, metal mesh, polished steel or techno-polymer surfaces are some of the materials we use in Elica for the development of our range hoods with Italian inspiration. We try to blend the finest raw materials with our technological advances to offer for sale only highly engineered products.

A extractor hood can be silent if you have a lightweight engine or if the motor is installed outside the kitchen, which decreases the amount of noise.

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