Los Angeles's best kitchen extraction hoods.

Italian design range hoods that provide details of elegance to any kitchen decor.

The wall-mounted extraction hoods are one of the most requested models. This is because these save space in your kitchen and have a piece that highlights the high ceilings of any building without investing in expensive facilities. Our range hoods have a simple and economical installation, so that even you can place them without problem.

Apart from the various cutting-edge designs we have, our exhaust hoods also have features that make them high-tech parts and a performance superior to other brands. For example, you can choose models with a quiet engine, or technology to reduce energy consumption significantly.

There are many reasons to choose the island exhaust hoods, but one of the most important is that these offer exclusive designs, because the designers and engineers can experiment with lines and materials, so you will always have art pieces which also have the best suction power.

The best aspiration cooktop with the latest technology.

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The best alternative for external air output: Perimeter aspiration.

Elica knows that kitchens have different air vents, so with our exhaust hoods you can choose the one that best suits your home: either your space has air ducts or do not have this type of system. With the perimeter aspiration you have the advantage that your range hood will suck the air around the same hood, so this means lower energy consumption because the air has not to travel long distances.

Recirculating range hoods with back aspiration.

At the time when the extraction hood is installed you can set the output air only rotating a piece inside the hood. Whether the extraction is carried up or back, our extractor hoods are configured to provide both configurations. The best part is that you can change the position of this piece later, if you want to change the air outlet.

We invite you to experience our most important innovation: Elica Deep Silence.

Elica Deep Silence is a patented technological breakthrough that sets us apart from other brands of exhaust hoods: we reduce the noise of our extractor hoods up to 35% compared to traditional extractor hoods. We do this because we reduce the engine speed, but this does not mean that the power decreases equally, as this type of exhaust hoods offer exceptional performance.

We have the option of having an external motor for your extraction hood.

In Elica we have different configurations for you to choose the right combination for your kitchen. In this case, we have the option to install the engine externally, ie, the engine is placed outside your kitchen, so that the noise is significantly reduced while cooking. With this configuration, the motor suction power is improved by 35%, plus the noise is reduced by 20%.

We have exhaust hoods that your kitchen needs, especially if you are in Los Angeles.

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