Extractor hoods with energy saving

Extractor hoods with energy saving? We have kitchen hoods with up to 50% less energy consumption.

Imagine you're renovating your house, specifically your kitchen and you want to establish the appliances you need to replace. For example, you decide you need an extractor hood with energy saving and the best features, but with so many brands on the market, this can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Fortunately you currently have access to the Internet to search and compare brands.

After a thorough search, you realize that the features you are looking are: quiet engine, reduce to low power consumption, ability to extract or filtering the air, modern and sleek design and programming functions automatically on your extractor hood. After comparing, you realize you also need a supplier with several years of experience.

Perhaps the type of product you need is a island extractor hood with energy saving. It is at this point that you realize that Elica has 40 years of experience, plus it meets all the requirements in your wish list. Like you, millions of clients have found in our brand a reliable supplier for their needs on cleaning and purifying air in their kitchens with real power savings.

The best features you need from a extractor hood with energy saving depend on your culinary habits: optimal performance or suction power.

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The next step in the technological development of Elica´s designs.

Each of these tasks are optimized to perform in a small space and still offer the best performance to purify the air of any kitchen. That`s why we are proud to present to you one of our most important technological innovations: a system that integrates in a small metal cylinder of stainless steel and all the essential functions of our extractor hoods with energy saving: lighting, aspiration and recirculation.

Clean air and saving for your kitchen is possible with LED lighting.

Your kitchen and your electric bill will thank you for this change of appliance by one of the Elica brand. The environment has become a global concern, so the trend in kitchen design is to provide a solution in this concern. With Elica´s extractor hoods with energy saving you can keep bright lighting, which consumes up less than half than any other traditional lighting, plus it lasts longer than regular light bulbs.

Total control of your kitchen.

Would you like an intelligent extractor hood with energy saving? Elica offers you this feature, through improved technology; with this you can program your kitchen exhaust hood to start working when it detects smoke or odors in your kitchen. When you finish cooking, this same technology allows your kitchen exhaust hood to turn off itself without you having to intervene.

High performance: your extractor hood with energy saving on autopilot.

Elica has different series for you to choose the features that most fit your requirements, such as high performance. That is why we have the Techne series, which groups range hoods for sale, which are specially designed to work in demanding kitchen enviroment, where cleaning the air is constant and can not be interrupted, and specially with different cooking techniques.

The best features of our extractor hoods with energy saving are in all the commercial branches we offer worldwide, as Comfort or Techne series.

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