Exhaust Hoods in USA with Luxurious Design and Energy Saving

Extractor hoods with energy saving for spaces that need to receive more attention.

The best luxurious exhaust hoods in USA do not have to be unattainable; you simply need to look at the right brand. Elica has in its catalog range hoods that adapt perfectly to any kitchen in USA. Check out our catalog and convince yourself of our quality. We deliver to LA, New York City and Miami.

According to the kitchen style, it is how one should choose the ideal range hood. If you like to entertain your guests and offer a comfortable space to talk, a 30 inch range hood is the best idea. As well as being a luxury item, combined with most kitchens in the USA, your kitchen hood will become a topic of conversation.

Design, comfort, elegance and quality is what distinguishes Elica´s range hoods. Our Italian design heritage continues today offering pieces with exceptional engineering and design that you will not find elsewhere. Newer features are inside each Elica´s luxury exhaust hoods to help designers around the world to update any kitchen to the modern times.

The best cooker hoods on the market: high quality and great design.

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Patented technology for efficient range hoods with high functionality.

Our engineers have consistently worked to deliver the same performance of our range hoods, but with half the power consumption. Additionally, our our exhaust hoods´ unique features makes them the quietest on the market, so you do not have to worry every time your extractor hood comes into operation.

Special controls to transform the way of cooking.

Would you like an intelligent extractor hood? Elica offers you this feature, through an improved technology where you can program your exhaust hood to start working when it detects smoke or odors in your kitchen. When you finish cooking this same technology allows your extractor hood to turn off without you having to intervene at all.

Perimeter aspiration to redirect pure air.

When we speak about perimeter aspiration, we refer to the fact that some of our range hoods are able to redirect air around the same exhaust hood, implying that this function requires less energy consumption as the air travels a short distance from the range hood. This type of aspiration is an excellent alternative when choosing a fume island.

LED lighting to see beyond cooking.

LED lighting systems are found in most devices and buildings today, due to its low power consumption, low heat generation and cost savings. This makes it the kind of technological breakthrough that is needed to be part of your exhaust hood. Elica took this into account and offers in each of its range hoods LED technology with no additional cost. You will be amazed on how your energy bill will become importantly reduced.

Elica has over forty years providing exhaust hood models that differ from others by the quality of their materials and innovative design.

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