Best exhaust hoods in New Mexico

We are the "architects of the air", which implies that we purify it effectively.

New Mexico is a southern state that has an eclectic history of cultures of the Navajo, Spanish and Anglo-Saxon people. This mixture has turned this region into an ideal mix of culinary tradition space. That is why its residents are always in search of the best appliances to make their lives easier. Elica is one of the most requested brands.

Why are we one of the most requested brands? There are several factors to answer this: our experience of over four decades allow us to recognize our customers´ needs  and turn them into programmable features that allow them to operate a cooker hood easily. This implies spending more time cooking than worrying for their range hood running time duration.

There are several features that highlight Elica´s range hoods: the durability of their materials, high quality components, the superior performance of the engine as well as its unique design. For these and other reasons we offer you the opportunity to acquire the best range hood in the world. Request more information and see why professional chefs choose our range hoods.

Elica is one of the most recognized companies in design, technology and philosophy to create clean spaces in kitchens around the world.

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Special controls for amateur chefs.

One of the most received requests from our clients is the ability to automate the operation of a kitchen hood; ie to establish a special operating program for each cooking mode. So we do extensive research to offer a feature to display the type of program needed for each food / situation. This lets you control your kitchen hood with the touch of a single button.

Silence is golden.

A silent kitchen hood is a rarity in the household appliance sector, since the fact that a range hood does not emit noise usually means that their performance is reduced. This is not the case of a cooker hood by Elica, as we preserve the power of this appliance, but do it in a way that the engine has a stealthy operation. This feature is offered in the best exhaust hoods.

Evolution is our karma.

A product´s evolution is part of a company´s experiencing growth. Each stage and change involve new features and objective. So we included an impressive feature to our range hoods: we keep the light and energy needed to operate effectively in a small metal cylinder. This allows us to design extraction hoods with capricious shapes and never-before-seen functions in these appliances.

LED light

Each of the elements of Elica´s cooker hoods are carefully selected to be environmentally friendly, in addition to providing savings in house resources. With this in mind, there is no doubt that the technology behind LED light is the best choice to meet the above, as it has a shelf life up to 10 times longer than a traditional light bulb, plus it does not generate high temperatures.

The welfare of our customers is our primary concern, so we work every day to design safe, elegant and environmentally respectful range hoods.

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