The best exhaust hoods in New Jersey

If you are in the middle of a renovation, take a look at one of Elica´s range hoods.

Our exhaust hoods in new jersey, have great advantages when it comes to upgrade the style of your kitchen, as they can be placed below the stove or in an under cabinet, plus they have characteristics that turn them in one of the best appliances that you will owe, since you will purify the air with style.

There is a big number of stores that sell exhaust hoods in New Jersey but the only real brand that you need to look for is Elica. We are the only ones that can guarantee you efficient high power, gorgeous designs and programs that can transform your range hood in an automatic piece of engineering.

We are respectful of the environment, so our hoods overcome quality tests to ensure that power usage is appropriate, as well as the combination of not-harmful-to-nature safe materials. We are also mindful that our production processes are within international standards of safety, to ensure our customers long-term range hoods. Please contact us for further questions.

Range hoods with LED lights and energy saving for every kind of kitchen.

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We offer you energy consumption by half.

We present you the next generation of exhaust hoods that everyone will want. We are environmentally-conscious, so we design range hoods that can perform with half of the electric consumption, thanks to our self-regulating system to purify the air without increasing your electric bill every month. This is a great feature and you will help to save the environment.

High performance: the most powerful kitchen extractor in the US.

The kitchens of New Jersey come in different sizes; each and every one of them can have the perfect Elica exhaust hood with a range of great features for the most demanding uses: big spaces, amateur chefs eager to try new recipes every day and cooking techniques that require clean air in the kitchen. Take advantage of all these features and start making those forgotten recipes you´ve always wanted to do.

Your orders are transformed into effective commands.

It is always necessary to have kitchen tools capable of handling automatic operating programs; Elica´s extractor hoods can operate different orders without a problem with a previously loaded list. If your phone is smart, let us turn your extractor hood intelligent alike.

LED light: intelligently lights with this technology.

LED technology is currently one of the best ways to illuminate spaces; the time saved can reflect on the electricity bill because it consumes less power to operate and lasts twice as traditional light bulbs. In addition to this, it does not raise the temperature of your extractor hood as it would with another type of lighting.

Elica brand is known as one of the number one companies in the manufacture of elegant exhaust hoods and exclusive materials.

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