Best exhaust hoods in Idaho

There is a before and after when installing one of our range hood because we specialize in "designing the air."

If you live in Idaho you know that the changes you make to your kitchen should be planned as any unforeseen aspect can increase the amount of your initial investment. You should not sacrifice quality to save money; for that you have to find the best suppliers for your home. If you want to know who has the best exhaust hoods, only one brand may be the answer: Elica. Visit our catalog today.

In Elica we have more than four decades dedicated to the design and marketing of range hoods for international chefs in their kitchens. Thanks to our research laboratory, we can develop features that no other brand is able to bring to the market. This is part of our ongoing commitment for quality that our customers expect every time they visit our online catalog.

The features that distinguish the cooker hoods by Elica are varied, but the main ones are: innovative design, attention to detail, superior performance and high quality materials. For this and more we invite you to visit our online catalog. You can ask a profesional for advice to choose the model that meets all your requirements and needs of suction and air purification for your kitchen.

Innovation, technology and design that marks our range hoods in Idaho have been forged through more than 40 years of experience. We are Elica.

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Special controls for improving cooking.

Some of our range hoods share special characteristics. Technological advances are displayed in front the extractor hood where the user can choose the aspiration program that best suits the type of cooking. This implies the start and end cycles of the range hood, which you can control when you press a button. This allows you to save time and effort when you're cooking for your family.

Silence is a bliss.

We offer our customers the best features in the range hoods they buy. We offer a noise reduction in an exhaust hood, without implying that power in it is lost. This innovation is one of the best ways we have to keep our customers happy and confident that their purchase has been the right one. Just choose the model that suits your needs.

Evolution in technology.

At some stage brand products must evolve to adapt to changing times. In the case of Elica we anticipate a step and decided to include special features. We integrated into a small metal cylinder principle functions of a fume hood. In this way we can design capricious shapes without altering the performance of a range hood.

LED light

Thanks to technological advances we can include on our exhaust hoods LED light installations to update our products and be able to illuminate a wider space. LED light will last 10 times longer than any conventional light resource.

We aspire every day to become the company that establishes a balance between the benefits of technology in a range hood and the care of nature.

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