A commercial exhaust hood with the best technology.

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The best commercial exhaust hood in USA is in Elica´s catalog. What is special about this kind of exhaust hoods? On the one hand they are integrated into any kitchen, because they are installed and remain covered by a wall or a layer of any material such as copper or stainless steel.

Once you decide the place to install your exhaust hood, you can be as creative as you like, since this type of range hoods are suitable for any decorative style, since it is not visible to the naked eye. How about covering the wall with custom tiles? The limit is your imagination.

Inserted range hoods have the advantage of adapting to any space, no matter how big or small it may be. Another opportunity you have with this type of hood is to choose immediately the air outlet. Sometimes keeping your kitchen hood hidden brings great benefits. If you are in San Francisco, San Diego or Chicago, you'll get your products in record time.

Commercial extraction hoods with energy saving which are recommended by professional chefs.

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A stove hood with head saver

Ergonomics is one of the aspects that the team of engineers from Elica TechLab always takes into consideration when designing a range hood, because its design must be functional and aesthetic at the same time, while helping customers to purify air from their home, without worrying about crashing his head the cooker hood each time you check a stew, for example.

Back Aspiration

Elica lets you choose the air outlet of your extractor hood, according to the type of installation you have in your kitchen, though the best part of our extraction hoods is that you can change your mind and change the air outlet, with only one movement of 90 degrees from the internal unity power. Thus, if in the future you decide to renovate your kitchen and need to change the air outlet, your exhaust hood manufactured by Elica is ready for the change.


We know that energy conservation is a global concern, so we innovate in this area when we include the Synairgy technology in our extraction hoods. Such scientific breakthrough allows a range hood to reduce its energy consumption by half, as well as the exhaust hood can regulate its operating cycle automatically.

External motor

There is a great advantage when you install the engine extractor hood externally: noise is reduced to 20%. However, in the case of Elica range hoods, noise is not the main reason for installing its engine out of the kitchen; the reason is due more points of style or space.

A commercial exhaust hood does not have to be boring or unachievable. Get a Elica extractor hood now.

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