Efficient range hoods for professional home cooking.

Live in harmony without unpleasant odors with the power of our cooker hoods.

Caring for the environment is an obligation that we must all adapt to our daily activities; either with recycling trash, water care and awareness to acquire products designed to conserve resources, deliver the best performance and that their impact are not prejudicial for nature. That is why we invite you to try a new way to clean the air in your kitchen with efficient range hoods.

Any range hood from Elica can be an object of great beauty and excellent performance, but also environmentally aware and able to generate less harmful environment emissions. It retains adequate performance to avoid wasting renewable and non-renewable resources as well as helping to be a responsible human being with the planet Earth, choosing appliances designed to deliver superior technology.

Why is it necessary to protect the environment? Although it is a slow process, deterioration of normal conditions of nature represent a number of dangers that may threaten the welfare of the human race in the form of a radical climate change. That is why Elica joins the fight to improve our environment by providing its customers secure options for environmentally-conscious range hoods.

Our technology offers you energy saving while using your new kitchen extractor. We are experts in the "architecture of the air".

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Ambient light: an additional illumination source.

One of the best features of our range hoods is the ability to combine in a single object different functions such as aspiration, cleaning and lighting. Elica offers you an ambient light point where your range hood light diffuses around your kitchen to create a different atmosphere. The best thing about this technology is that it does not generate excessive heat or high energy consumption due to the research that lies behind each of our range hoods.

Your orders become automatic tasks for our aspiration ccoktop.

Thanks to technological advances, electrical appliances and specific features, we have achieved a surprising degree of hood independence. That is why there are range hoods capable of running programmable tasks, which optimize the time people spend cooking. Elica has incorporated this technology so you can enjoy more time with your family and less concerned about the exact time your range hood must work, so that the air is free of odor and grease particles.

LED light: saving, durability and flexibility.

When we talk about improving your lifestyle, in Elica we place high quality standards to achieve this; that is why we chose to implement only the best technological advances in both materials and functions. LED technology has allowed us to create whimsical range hood designs that challenge the established laws of establishment. This has only been possible because we can include enough flexible light to shine evenly at any surface, regardless of the space it occupies in the range hood.

Silence and cleaning with the same performance.

We want our range hoods to become coveted objects by experienced and amateur cooks, which is why we include the most advanced features to please different audiences. Although there are functions that continually get asked: silence and power, we decided to meet this demand with our technological advance in a cooker hood able to work with high performance but without generating the noise emitted by traditional range hoods.

An island range hood is a colorful and safe configuration of aspirating the air in your kitchen. Find the best in our Comfort series.

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