Efficient range hoods for safe cooking

It is safer cooking with our kitchen hood because it removes smoke and particles that can damage you

The issue of kitchen safety is very important when you choose appliances that will accompany your culinary sessions, especially if you cook with a gas stove, as it releases various pollutants such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide sometimes. Because of this buying efficient range hoods is needed. Elica is the brand of range hoods also gives you a lower power consumption.

Likewise, it is important the subject of energy, due to climatic changes experienced by the Earth, so that consumers have opted for technology that saves resources and money at the same time, contributing to the welfare environmental. Our extraction hoods offer lower power consumption compared to traditional range hoods. This is due to the Synairgy technology, which reduces power consumption.

A lower power consumption in our range hoods also implies that the noise generated by an engine is considerably reduced. That is why our models suit different needs, whether you're a constant cook or a casual one, our commercial lines meet specific requirements in terms of features and designs. Request a quote today and see our experience. Our online catalog will amaze you.

Safety is the first feature we tested on all our extraction hoods before putting them on sale.

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Synairgy in a stove hood

With our technology Synairgy you will be able to care for the environment at the same time that your extractor hood works efficiently. Thanks to technological advances by Elica, we can offer you a range hood that can work with a decrease in power of up to 50%. This also represents savings for the electricity bill that you receive each month.

Chef Control

If you can schedule automatic activities on your cell phone, what prevents you from doing the same in your extractor hood? All, or up to today, find the brand of range hoods able to offer such a feature. With Chef Control, Elica allows you to automate the use of your extractor hood at all times so that your orders become command, and your kitchen "breathe fresh air".

LED light

Today, the type of lighting found in any modern home is LED, why is this? Possibly due to this lighting technology offers multiple benefits such as reduced energy costs by up to 90%, the duration of the light bulbs is 10 times greater than traditional ones, plus this illumination does not generate high temperatures, which it is a plus when it comes to a nearby appliance to a stove.

Elica Deep Silence

What is Elica Deep Silence? Within the laboratory of development and innovation of our company, that we call Elica TechLab, we have created a technology capable of reducing noise of a extractor hood for more than 35%, which is a milestone in the progress that can be found within the range hoods market. This allows us to get to the front of the best features that can be found in a modern kitchen.

The safety of our extractor hoods exceeds international quality standards, supporting our guarantee to offer you a world class product.

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