Range hoods for american cuisines

The automatic functions of Elica´s kitchen hoods make them the most modern on the market.

How do you imagine your dream kitchen? What types of materials are part of your island for cooking? How many appliances you plan to purchase? Such questions are part of a planning that you must have clear, because a smart buying strategy can become a secure way to save money. That is why if your budget is fixed, you need to be skilled at finding modern kitchen hoods with automatic features.

Automatic scheduling functions in range hoods are an important feature for saving time and effort while cooking and even after your are done. Take advantage of our latest technologies on kitchen hoods to make your life easier and more practical. 

Why is it important a programming feature? Currently electrical devices are able to work under a scheme of conditions that, if fulfilled, allow them to function. That is why the automatic programming in a range hood is a feature need to ensure that your range hood work properly and longer. This also means that you will not have to worry about turning on or off your hood.

What characteristics make a kitchen into a modern space? Appliances with automatic functions such as kitchen hoods of Elica USA. Request a quote today

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Ambient Light, the lighting system you need in your kitchen.

Inside every Elica range hood is a lighting system supported by LED technology, allowing the light source to be intense but without generating high temperatures. In addition to this, the LED bulbs last more than 10 times if compared to traditional bulbs. Light range hood can be diffused around it to provide soft lighting, but bright enough for you to cook with confidence.

Our exhaust hoods stand out for its engine, which offers you high performance.

Maximum performance is one of the features that cooks look for in their exhaust hoods, as this means that their kitchen will stay clean and free of odors and grease particles longer. We have extractor hoods that are specially designed for demanding and wide spaces, where different stews are made at once, or that the use of the kitchen is daily. Visit our catalog to find the ideal model for your dream kitchen, and other features that make our exhaust hoods unique pieces on the market.

Exclusive materials are part of our formula for making the best range hoods.

Blown glass, stainless steel, leather, metal mesh, polished steel or techno-polymer surfaces are some of the materials we use in Elica for the development of our range hoods with Italian inspiration. We try to blend the finest raw materials with our technological advances to offer for sale only highly engineered products.

With Head Saver you forget about the blows.

Our research in the Elica TechLab says that one of the most frequent requests from our consumers is to be able to acquire a range hood that allows them to cook without the fear that their head can collide with it. That is why we developed the Head Saver technology, which is based on ergonomic design that allows you freedom of movement while preparing meals.

Modernity found in a kitchen is the result of the union of the best appliances, which must have an automatic operation, such as range hoods of Elica.

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