Downdraft Hoods with Special Hidden Features and Aspiration Capacity

Decorative range hoods ideal for contemporary homes.

Urban contemporary spaces are popular today because large warehouses and open spaces become homes for young professionals who want to undertake the adventure of their first home, so they begin to furnish the room with pieces that take advantage of high ceilings or broad walls. The Elica downdraft hoods are the ideal complement to current homes.

Modern kitchens are planned to adjust to the hectic life of its inhabitants, so they should have plenty of space for storage, as well as functional and pleasing to the eye appliances. The exhaust hoods Elica Island add a touch of elegance and modernity that require all current modern kitchens, thanks to its internacional awarded models.

An island extraction hood has few steps to be installed, so even yourself can make this work. Just be sure to check the perfect distance -70 cm above the stove- to hang the extraction hood.

Modern styles require contemporary and functional appliances such as exhaust hoods by Elica.

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A kitchen hood manufactured with the best exclusive materials.

Through years of research it is how Elica found the materials to build the best island exhaust hoods. We know that aesthetics should not compete with the functionality, so our products combine in such a way harmonious materials and finishes that contribute to better performance of an exhaust hood. Stainless steel, blown glass, polished steel, wire mesh or perforated pieces are part of our catalog.

Evolution: now less means more

Because some of the designs of exhaust hoods Island Elica need to have a small internal motor as well as a lighting system capable of illuminating with a small light source alike, that is how was born Evolution, where we contain in a metal cylinder all the essential functions of the rangehood: filtration, suction and lighting. Thanks to its small size is how this type of exhaust hoods are light and elegant.

Evolution with silent vent hoods: now less means more.

All Elica rangehoods have the best lighting, which allows your cooking area be illuminated at all times, without involving high temperatures, since we use LED technology, which requires less power consumption and has a larger life compared to traditional bulbs.

With Head Saver your cooking experience will be on another level

One of the most important parts when cooking is that all appliances and kitchen furniture are located at a perfect distance to avoid accidents or continuous shock. Thanks to the research behind each Elica island extraction hood, we offer you safe products, which have been proven to work in harmony with your culinary activities.

The best island exhaust hoods are in the Elica catalog. Check it out now.

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