Designer range hoods for every kind of kitchen.

Elica combines quality, high-end finishes, technology and European design in every kitchen hood.

Designer range hoods are often a traditional but functional choice when it comes to aspire to and purify the air of a kitchen. It can be placed above thecooktop stove or a nearby wall, that's part of the design decisions you make. You can even put a range hood on an empty wall and still will look impressive.

Our recommendation is that you choose one of the exhaust hoods that offers Elica in its catalog. We have different styles and configurations to find the ideal combination for your home. In addition, we guide you in order that you install your range hood the same day that you buy it. We remind you that we have delivery to San Diego, Oklahoma and Arkansas

Another benefit of buying an extractor hood mounted on the wall is that you can change its position easily besides that, according to the design, it can become a piece of art for your kitchen, so you get two benefits for the price of one.

We select the most resistant and luxurious materials in every wall-mounted stove vent, so you can enjoy fresh air in your kitchen.

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Silence and power are combined into Italian design range hoods with a single function: Synergy

We introduce you one of the latest technological advances in Elica: Sinairgy. But what is it about? We managed to create one of the quietest engines in the world that regulates itself, so automatically the range hood can start working when it detects smoke or odors and be turned off when you finish preparing your food, reducing by 50 % energy use

Control your needs with Chef Control

Now you can select the type of program your range hood should adopt, according to the food you prepare. With this you eliminate smoke and odors more efficiently, since the range hood will decide the power which the engine must work in addition to stop its activity once the room is purified. Your needs become Elica orders.

Perimeter aspiration: the most advanced level in exhaust systems.

If you are looking for an alternative to the Aspiration subject, we present the perimeter aspiration, which involves to channel the air around the same range hood, so the noise and energy expenditure are reduced. This type of range hoods features a glass panel that makes them aesthetically appealing, but it´s also part of the air purification functions.

LED light: lights up your European-inspired cuisine

Currently, one of the main concerns a consumer has is to acquire environmentally-friendly technology, so that LED lighting perfectly fulfills this task as it illuminates for a longer time without spending large amounts of energy, plus It does not generate high temperatures around it.

The Italian design is part of our philosophy. The European style of our range hoods distinguishes us worldwide.

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