Range hoods for southern kitchens

Find the harmony between a modern appliance and at the same time protects the environment.

The southern style is colorful; southern houses are located mostly in warm regions, so the sun's rays seep into homes and lights throughout the day. This environment invites families to prepare dishes with techniques such as smoked or roasted, which gives food a distinctive flavor, but also generate grease particles and odors that tend to stay for long, unless the kitchen has a suction system.

If you do not have said system we invite you to check out the online catalog of Elica, where you will find different models of exhaust hoods that meet specific needs, such as those placed on the wall. If your kitchen need a decorative touch, do not hesitate to buy one of our Aspire line. This type of exhaust fan is recommended for air exits close to a wall.

In Elica we care about providing advanced technological pieces, which represent a long-term investment for your home, and contribute to your family always breathe fresh air into your kitchen. Each of our range hoods supplies any requirements you have, so you only need to list different models to offer you the indispensable information and choose the one that best fits the decor of your kitchen.

We help you save energy, and reduce engine noise in operation. We are experts in the "architecture of the air".

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Synairgy: maximum performance without excessive consumption.

Every day we work to offer innovative range hoods. This is the case of our newest feature: Synairgy, which offers exceptional performance in the suction fan, while it reduces the amount of noise that produces and power consumption it needs to function. This technology is patented, so you will not find this benefit in any other hood, which allows you to be aware of climate change and contribute to intelligent consumption of resources we use every day.

Chef Control: an intelligent appliance arrives to your kitchen.

Your everyday electronic devices are intelligent to the extent that you can schedule tasks to run after a series of factors is met. Such behavior makes it possible for you perform more activities in the day without worrying about forgetting something. This is what we offer you with our range hoods that feature the Chef Control function, because through its screen you can choose different operating programs, according to the food you prepare, and the range hood will know the intensity required.

LED light: a light source that lasts longer than traditional bulbs.

When you are cooking it is important to have a well-lit area, as this prevents accidents, plus it allows you to monitor the proper cooking of your dishes. Apart from the light installed on the ceiling and walls of your kitchen, an extractor of Elica has its own lighting based on LED technology, which ensures you a greater duration, low temperature rise and savings energy that can reach up to 90%. These benefits are part of the global trend to reduce energy consumption to safe levels.

Elica Deep Silence: Sometimes silence speaks volumes.

Elica Deep Silence System (EDS3) is part of the work we do in the Elica TechLab, where we research and test advanced technology to make our range hoods unmatched pieces. In the case of EDS3, we set out to design and build a quiet engine as much as possible without this meaning a decrease in power. Our research tells us that the noise is reduced by up to 35% with this patented breakthrough. When you buy a range hood with this technology are contributing to the care of the planet.

Luxury, elegance, warmth, performance and power are some of the adjectives that describe our range hoods. Discover today why.

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