The best cooker hoods for American kitchens.

Extraction hoods with different, unique characteristics.

A wall can become the best space to place a range hood, especially when it comes to a kitchen that occupies a small space, so it is essential to optimize the space within the wall. Cooker hoods can become the centerpiece of your kitchen, since it is close to the stove. With Elica designs, you have many options for decorating your kitchen.

Cooker hoods that are mounted on a wall can take advantage of the air outlet with which counts the kitchen or choose the air recirculation system. This decision can be made when the installation is carried out. Once placed, you can add photographs or pictures to accentuate the style or let the exhaust hood will become the main focal point.

Range hoods mounted on the wall are one of the classic options of placing this type of appliance, as it facilitates the installation of a system of external ventilation as well as wiring and support holding the cooker hoods can be hidden easily behind this. We have models for modern, classic or eclectic style, you only have to review our extensive catalog to find the ideal model.

Elica´s cutting-edge designs for kitchen hoods.

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Technology that enables our vent hoods to be more efficient.

When it comes to optimizing the performance and functions of an exhaust hood, Elica has a group of engineers and designers who developed a system which reduces energy consumption by up to 50%, plus it allows the range hood regulate itself. It also comes with noise reduction, without implying a decrease on extraction capacity.

The ability to program your exhaust hood for different tasks.

Our unique system allows you to program the functions of your exhaust hood with the activities normally carried in the kitchen. You choose the type of food you are cooking and the exhaust hood will automatically adjust its operation, plus it will give to your kitchen the aspiration that it needs to clean the air of odors and grease.

With the LED light technology you will have a bright, durable and environmentally friendly lighting.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a very common type of lighting today due to its low power consumption that needs to function properly -up to 90% savings can be achieved with this form of lighting-, besides it does not generate high temperatures in the exhaust hood. According to laboratory analysis, this type of lighting can last 10 times more against the life of traditional bulbs.

Elica cooker hoods provide high performance.

In addition to our designs, one of our major advantages is the fact that we produce cooker hoods with the best extraction capacity, regardless of whether it is a large or small kitchen. Our exhaust hoods are designed to improve the air quality of any environment, especially those where food is prepared continuously or is necessary to clean the air quickly and immediately.

When you look for the best extractor hoods, first read Elica catalog and check our quality.

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