How to buy the best kitchen extractor?

The exhaust hoods of Elica USA have a feature called Elica Deep Silence to minimize excess noise.

If you are looking for the highest noise reduction in a kitchen extractor, we must say that Elica has models capable of reducing noise pollution above 35%, which makes a big difference when you cook your food. This is possible due to a feature called Elica Deep Silence, where the performance of a range hood remains intact, but the noise is almost imperceptible.

Thus we are a brand known for selling range hoods with the highest noise reduction on the market. This has an origin also on the type of installation that is made in the motor; ie the motor can be placed out of a kitchen and continue functioning normally, implying that the sound of its fans will not distract you when you're cooking. In this manner we make sure that your range hood is an ally.

This is important because the best kitchen extractor is designed to prevent any contamination or damage to the environment in which they are located, either with low power consumption, using a LED light source or the fact that the noise is not a distractor for the average cook. Now is your chance to purchase a hood with innovative features, in addition to warranty and Elica experience.

Excessive noise is reduced by the Elica cooker hoods thanks to our Elica Deep Silence feature, which decreases sound by up to 35% or more.

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Evolution, the next step in the technological development of Elica.

In Elica we are proud to present to you one of our most important technological innovations: Evolution, which is a system that integrates in a small metal cylinder of stainless steel all the essential functions of our exhaust hoods: lighting, aspiration and recirculation. Each of these tasks are optimized to perform in a small space and still offer the best performance to purify the air of any kitchen.

External motor

Speaking of noise, another distinguishing feature of our range hoods is the ability to choose where the engine is placed, that is, it can be installed near the cooker hood, in the event of not have more space, or conversely, you can choose to place the motor outside the room where the cooking takes place, which brings the benefit of eliminating any noise inside the kitchen.

LED light

LED technology has become the standard lighting in a large number of industries, due to its low power consumption and long life (a light bulb lit with LED technology can last up to 10 times longer than a traditional bulb and can save up to 90 % in energy consumption). The fact that the LED lighting saves electricity consumption also impacts on the environment, so that not only you will be saving on your energy bill, but you will be reducing the technology footprint in nature.

Elica Deep Silence: power does not mean excessive noise.

We added to our range hoods the features most requested by our customers, including having quieter equipment that can work with optimum performance. We can say that our research shows that noise reduction is at a level higher than 35% compared to traditional range hoods.

Enjoy cooking without the noise that produces a extractor hood with models that offers you Elica USA: pieces of modern and innovative engineering.

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