Ceiling range hoods designed by the best Italian hands.

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We know the hassle: you almost finish decorating your kitchen and realize that the ceiling range hoods are missing. Nowdays you have plenty of options, but certainly there is only one brand than can offer you top-notch performance and energy saving up to 50%, especially if you´re looking for the best ceiling-mounted range hoods. Can you guess which brand it is?

We´re talking about Elica, whose 40+ years of experience brings you the best insert range hood models that you can ask for. Beside, the technology behind our extractor hoods is designted to offer you savings in every aspect: power consumption, money and time. Ask for a quote right now.

Do you need more information about ceiling-mounted range hoods? We will pleased to offer you all the specifications that you need to know before you buy the ideal range hood. First, visit our catalog, pick one model and resolve every question that comes to your mind. We have a range hood for every need, taste and level of aspiration. Ask for a quote today.

¿Ceiling-mounted range hoods with LED lights? Got them right now with our help.

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Synairgy: get more efficiency from your range hood with this technology.

Our group of engineers and designers work every day to give you the best features; one of them is about saving, specifically the way your range hood can work with less energy consumption and still be powerful on it own. This mean your kitchen air is cleaner and healthier with a extraction work that doesn´t produce a lot of noise. Just try one and never look back.

Chef Control: a smart life needs better appliances with recirculating range hoods.

Our newest technology called Chef Control brings a whole new level of automatization into your kitchen. If you control your smartphone with a tap, now you can do the same with your range hood. Let this technology decides the best time to start working and stop, plus regulate the intensity of aspiration needed.

Bright shine like a diamond is more than a song; is a reality with the LED light inside of our hoods

Have you ever thought about been in the spotlight? Now you can, with the light within your range hood. LED light allows you to perfectly lights any cooking area without generate high temperatures. Beside, its low power consumption turns our range hoods in the perfect companion to your kitchen. Did we mention LED light saves up to 90% of energy? Now you know better.

High performance for everyday meal odors.

The cardinal rule about range hoods is performance. So that is why Elica puts a lot of effort to offer you the best aspiration power to efficently clean grease particules and odors in just minutes. The air quality in your kitchen will never be the same after you try one of our extractors. Whether you are an accomplish cooker or a occasional chef, you will never felt short of clean air when you are cooking.

Insert range hoods is what your kitchen needs right now. Ask for a quote with Elica.

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