When should I change my cooktop?

When should I change my cooktop?

In previous blogs we have talked about the things you need to keep in mind when remodeling your kitchen, either to modernize it or make it more functional on a day-to-day basis.

To achieve this, we talked about the importance of evaluating the different spaces and reviewing the existing elements in the space to determine what can be reused and what is no longer functional and needs to be changed.

When analyzing the existing elements in your kitchen, you need to pay special attention to your cooktop and assess whether it is necessary to change it or reuse it.

Why change your cooktop?

The first thing you need to consider when trying to change the cooktop in your kitchen is its performance. A good and efficient cooktop doesn’t need to be replaced but an old cooktop that consumes large amounts of energy, has broken pieces or kind of works must be replaced for a new one.

Depending on the kind of cooktop you have in your kitchen are the problems you may have. Gas cooktops usually present problems with burners, gas outlets, burner valves and in some cases these cooktops can show signs of rust due to time and constant use.

Induction cooktops could also present problems that make it necessary to change it for a new one. Among the most common are scrapes and scratches on the top plate due to accidents with utensils or poor cleaning. These cooktops may also present issues with sensors or the ventilation system, preventing it from detecting pans or heat to turn off slowly. Lastly if your cooktop presents any cracks or is shattered as a result of an accident, changing it is definitely worth the effort.

Why change your cooktop?

Cost reduction is a factor that may motivate us to switch from a gas cooktop to an induction one. An induction cooktop is more efficient when trying to heat food, reducing energy consumption.

You must also consider that there are states where the use of gas is starting to be prohibited in homes and other states give incentives to people who make use of renewable resources to care for the environment in their home. So swapping your old cooktop for an induction one may save you even more money.

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