What is electromagnetic induction?

What is electromagnetic induction?

We have talked a lot about the pros of having an induction cooktop in your kitchen and how some states in the United States are promoting the switch from traditional cooktops to induction ones, but how do they work, and why are they better?

In today's note we will talk about how induction technology produces electricity.

What is induction

This power production technology is mainly used in generators or electric motors, and it can be defined as a magnetic field that has the property of creating an electric current and vice versa, the electric current is capable of generating a magnetic field.

As we have mentioned before, the most common use of induction technology is the production of electricity by means of a coil made of a conductive material, such as copper and when in close proximity to a magnetic field, begins to move producing a flow of electricity.

This way of producing electricity was discovered by the English chemist and physicist Michael Faraday in 1831, and is included in the Law that bears his name, where it mentions that energy can be produced by altering magnetic fields.

Use of electromagnetic induction

Currently, electromagnetic induction has begun to be used in different areas to help reduce the use of hydrocarbons. Among the most common uses are the following.

Induction furnaces

Industrial furnaces produce electric current through a coil that creates a magnetic field inside the furnace, this makes the temperature rise allowing the heating and melting of metals.

Use of electromagnetic induction

Cell phone battery recharge

In recent years, batteries for cell phones have greatly improved in terms of their duration and how they are charged. In some cases it is no longer necessary to connect your phone to an electrical current and instead they can be placed on plates that through a coil generate a magnetic field and in combination with the cell's coil, manage to generate a current that recharges the cell phone’s battery.

Induction cooktops

For kitchens, induction has become a great ally, it reduces the use of gas, energy consumption and cooking accidents.

In this case, the magnetic field that is generated helps the food’s cooking process. The system with which induction cooktops work consists of a coil placed under the plates, which produces the magnetic field that interacts with the utensils, which in turn induces an electric current in the metal container that contains the food.

At Elica we strongly believe in the potential of induction, so we have a range of cooktops that work based on this type of technology, making your kitchen safer and more sustainable.

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