This is what an outdoor range hood can make for you to enjoy this summer to its fullest

This is what an outdoor range hood can make for you to enjoy this summer to its fullest

The advantages of an Outdoor Range Hood have arrived, making your cooking experience more sophisticated for outdoor gatherings.

Gatherings such as barbecues and brunches, common in summer, invite outdoor cooking with family and friends, creating a dynamic atmosphere where all guests can collaborate, learn from each other and bond. That's why having the right appliances designed for outdoors can make this activity enjoyable and maintain a fresh environment at all times.

One of the most important appliances is the extractor hood because its function is to purify the air creating a pleasant area to be and breathe. Here are some of the advantages that outdoor hoods offer:

  • Improve air quality: When gathering outdoors, we want to enjoy the fresh environment, which can become polluted if we decide to cook. A good range hood with an advanced extraction system captures all unwanted particles, filters them within seconds, and eliminates smoke and odors, allowing people to breathe comfortably.

  • Protect against grease and residues: Open air cooking often involves preparing greasy food, which can result in splashes and residues. Outdoor range hoods are designed with highly effective grease filters that prevent it from sticking to your furniture and utensils.

  • Add style to the place: a range hood that not only stands for its performance, but has an innovative design, can significantly change the way your place looks. If you adapt one in your garden or terrace, it is sure to become the decorative component that will elevate the aesthetics of your home.

  • Incorporate safety: another advantage is range hoods contribute to your protection by having a powerful extraction system which stops the accumulation of fume and flammable vapors, thus reducing the risk of fires. Allowing you to live the culinary experience with total tranquility, taking the precautions for your loved ones and your property.

At Elica, we created Capri, which allows you to tame the outdoors without sacrificing luxury and style; made with a heavy gauge, corrosion resistant 304-grade stainless steel body that makes it resistant to corrosion and hostile environments. The extra deep 32” hood body is complemented with dual sets of angled stainless steel professional baffle filters, that provide exceptional air capture and a 1200 CFM blower has the power to do the job.

This summer don't let fumes and odors interrupt your open-air gatherings Learn more about it on our website and take it home.


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