Sustainable architecture in today?s world

Sustainable architecture in today?s world

Times are changing and more and more cities are taking action and creating laws and regulations that bring them closer to being Smart Cities, so sustainable architecture and space optimization are becoming relevant topics.

That is why on this occasion we want to talk to you about this subdivision of architecture and its importance.

What is sustainable architecture?

In recent years, different movements have emerged in favor of caring for the environment and among them you can find sustainable architecture, a term that emerged in 1987 during a United Nations congress to emphasize the damage that construction can cause to the environment.

For thousands of years, architectural construction of all kinds maintained a sustainable development with minimal impact to the environment. However, in the last two centuries, the impact of the construction industry, the population growth and the industrial process used to obtain raw materials, has caused a dent in the climate and the environment.

That is why sustainable architecture aims to reduce the environmental impact of buildings, reducing transport distances, using materials of low-impact and, most importantly, making the power system more efficient.

What is sustainable architecture?

Beyond architectural design

Sustainable architecture goes further than just changing construction methods and the materials used, it also considers how the building will work once it is in use, in order for it to continue being sustainable during the lifespan of the construction.

This is why, within the construction and design project, details such as the use of heating systems, energy consumption, sunlight and garbage areas divided by types of waste or the incorporation of green walls are taken into account.

In the case of power sources, designers of sustainable constructions use energy from renewable sources and optimize its use as much as possible. Eco-friendly appliances such as induction cooktops are sought out and incorporated into these projects.

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