Say bye to noise and hi to tranquility in the kitchen with the silent system of Elica?s range hoods

Say bye to noise and hi to tranquility in the kitchen with the silent system of Elica?s range hoods

This technology developed by Elica, reduces the appliance noise by 35, creating a relaxed atmosphere in the kitchen.

In the kitchen, efficiency and comfort go hand in hand; appliances should make our tasks easier while contributing to maintaining a pleasant environment; one of them is the range hood, which removes cooking fumes, unpleasant odors, and grease that are not only posing health risks but also damage our furniture and walls.

Nobody likes a hot and difficult to breathe space, right? the same goes for noise; we often underestimate its impact, forgetting that it can be just as uncomfortable as polluted air. In today's market, the noise level of a range hood averages between 50 and 70 dB, and it’s primarily generated by the fan that constitutes the system and the air collision with the filters, hence as power increases, so does the intensity of the noise.

Therefore, designing appliances with high aspiration capacity that are non-intrusive in people's surroundings has become really important. This is the main reason Elica created the Confort Silence and Hush systems, which allow the integration of a noise reduction system inside the devices. Here are some of the advantages they offer:

Advanced technology: with this system, the operation process is enhanced by minimizing component friction and confining fumes to extend the action time, reducing power, and consequently noise, by 35.

Auditory comfort: a quiet environment is a healthy environment, as noise is a form of pollution that can be detrimental to health; a relaxed culinary experience means no stress or headaches. Furthermore, it improves social interactions by allowing conversations without raising voices or shouting.

Pleasant experience: a peaceful setting enables the appreciation of flavors and aromas in your dishes. Cooking in silence makes you fully enjoy the moment, adding significant value to your homemade meals.

The silent system is a distinctive feature in Elica appliances, a technology carefully implemented to elevate the kitchen experience, satisfying all our senses. Remember that cooking is more than just flavors and aromas; it's about a lifestyle. Learn more here: link


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