Problems that your induction cooktop may have

Problems that your induction cooktop may have

In a previous note we shared the reasons why you could decide to replace your cooktop for another, especially for an induction one. This time we want to share with you the most common problems found in induction cooktops and how to fix them.

Scratch marks on your cooktop?s surface

Scratch marks can be caused by many different things, either by carelessness with kitchen utensils or, the most common one, by the incorrect cleaning of its surface.

Leaving oil, water or food stains on the surface for a long time may become a problem in the future when trying to clean the surface by scrubbing it and as a result the surface may get damaged; additionally it may remain tarnished no matter how hard you try to remove the stains.

Cooktop does not turn on

Your cooktop may not turn on as a result of an incorrect installation. On the other hand, it could also be the result of a broken circuit or sensor, either of which should be treated by an expert in order to fix the problem.

Another common reason why induction cooktops do not work is the use of wrong kitchen utensils, remember that these types of cooktops require ferrous pots and pans to work.

Cooktop does not turn on

Sensors turn on and stay on

These sensors usually indicate that a pan is incorrectly positioned, for example, the base of the pan is larger than the cooking zone, or it is on the wrong burner.

This problem is easy to solve, remove all pots and pans from the cooktop, turn it off and then turn it on again but this time in general mode, choose the correct cooking zone and replace your pots and pans.

The temperature does not drop normally

This is usually a normal process after cooking at a high temperature for a long time, so there is no need to be alarmed, your cooktop is probably working as it should.

If this happens while cooking at low temperatures and for a short period of time, then there may be a problem in the installation, specifically in the ventilation system, so it is important to ask for advice from a technician.

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