The kitchen is one of the spaces where you need every element to serve a function, but you can also make it look attractive.

When we say something feels like home, we mean the closeness, safety and comfort a place gives us, where spending time is just enjoyable. It might seem like the interiors in our house have little to do with our everyday life, but the truth is, well designed spaces have the power to transform the way we carry out our activities, and even may affect our mood.

The kitchen these days is no longer relegated to cooking, it has become one of the main areas in our house where we socialize. That's why we must prevent it from turning into a monotonous room. Therefore, all the components like furniture and electronics, must be properly disposed of and suited for a functional purpose, along with the aesthetic part.

Here are some details from disegno series wall mount range hoods that will make your kitchen feel like home:

  • Functional purpose: cooking doesn't have to be tedious anymore, there exists many appliances that help us optimize our activities. Catania and Oristano range hoods can collect grease very efficiently and eliminate the smells without making any noise, so you don't have to worry about that and pay all your attention to cooking.

  • Top performance: having the most advanced technology allows us to prepare better meals in less time. This collection delivers a powerful and fast performance using a LED light system, ideal for saving energy. All of this is perfect for gourmet kitchen lovers who want to cook just like professionals do.

  • Superior design: disegno series range hoods have unique shapes, seamless edges, mirrored stainless front rims and decorative banding and rivets to generate visual harmony. They turn your kitchen into an elegant place that for sure will be noticed for your guests. People are no strangers to beauty and originality when it comes to design, it causes a positive effect in our minds.

  • Purification: Taking care of the health of everyone in the home has become the most important thing. Catania and Oristano extractor hoods help to purify the air in your home thanks to their motors and filters that allow you to extract any particles that may remain in your kitchen.

All these features always create a nice experience: from a dinner with family or a friend’s get together, every element in your kitchen allows you to show your personality and create satisfying environments, so you can finally say “home, sweet home”.

Design goes beyond decoration; at Elica we care about the beautiful and the functional at the same time, our Disegno Series with incredible custom hood designs will elevate your kitchen to the next level and change your life and the lives of your loved ones. Visit our website for more information.


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