Modern style in your kitchen

Modern style in your kitchen

There are many different interior design styles and in previous blogs we have already talked about some of these styles such as the industrial or Japandi, and how they can be combined in order to create unique combinations that can be used in the different areas of your home.

In this occasion we want to share with you the characteristics of the modern style and how you can bring it into your home.

The modern style was born during the mid-twentieth century and borrows some elements from other styles such as minimalist, Nordic or Japanese, although in many ways this style is similar to minimalism it still has its unique charm.

This type of decoration uses a combination of harmonic elements characterized by functionality and simplicity, smooth surfaces and straight lines are the main protagonists of this style.

Types of furniture, colors and materials

As we mentioned before, the modern style takes inspiration from others that are characterized by a sober color palette that plays a great role as the protagonist, and this style is no exception. The main color palette in this style includes different shades of whites, browns and gray and, in some very specific and limited cases, dark tones.

Keep in mind that in this style, contrast is achieved by using furniture and decorative elements, if everything is kept under the same tone, the space could look lifeless. The different textures can be incorporated through the use of curtains and cushions.

When talking about materials, this style uses a wide range of materials, although the most common are lacquered furniture in black, dark colors, as well as synthetic wood.

Types of furniture, colors and materials

Materials such as steel or glass can be integrated to add texture and contrast. Stainless Steel stands out the most in the kitchen, since elements such as appliances or the extraction hood can be easily combined with this material.

At Elica we have several hood designs that follow the modern style which include clean soft lines in materials such as stainless steel and glass.

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