Meet Elica's Undercounter Refrigeration

Meet Elica's Undercounter Refrigeration

At Elica we are driven by innovation, we provide our customers quality products with elegant designs for everyday life.

Among our new proposals, Undercounter Refrigeration stands out. These products are especially designed for people who love wines or refreshing drinks. Each of our models possesses characteristics and a design that adjusts to each person’s taste.

Elica's Undercounter

Today we present our Undercounter Refrigeration models designed to keep your wines and beverages at the ideal temperature and conditions, whether at home or in your office.

EBF52SS1: With a double door design, space for wine on one side and canned drinks on the other, independent temperature controls for each side and a capacity of 60 cans and 21 bottles of wine, keeping all your drinks in ideal conditions will not be a problem with this undercounter refrigerator.

EBS52SS1: This single door model with a capacity for 72 cans and 14 bottles includes two zones with independent temperature control that allow you to keep your wines and drinks at the correct temperature.

Elica's Undercounter

Wine Cellar Dual Zone: Perfect for wine lovers. This model is divided in two areas for your different bottles where you can place 16 bottles at the top and 36 at the bottom. With this refrigeration cabinet you can keep your wine collection in optimal conditions, even after opening.,

Beverage Center: Ideal to keep your seltzer, spirits or beers at the right temperature in order to enjoy them. This model has 3 adjustable shelves for different sizes of cans, and you can fit up to 100 units.

All models incorporate Perfect Climate (EPC) technology which allows air to circulate through the interior maintaining a constant temperature and making sure your drinks are perfectly preserved.

Our Undercounter Refrigeration products also include an ecological mode that allows you to save energy and a unique system that does not generate noise or vibrations.

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