How to switch from a gas to an induction cooktop?

How to switch from a gas to an induction cooktop?

In previous articles we have talked about the advantages of electric cooktops and how the governments of certain states in the United States have begun to promote the change from gas cooktops to induction ones.

Summing up a bit about the benefits of having an induction cooktop are cooking safety, easy cleaning and energy saving, but how can you go from gas to electric?

In today’s note will tell you everything you need to know in order to make the change possible and start cooking with induction.

Steps to change your cooktop

The transition from a gas cooktop to an induction one is relatively simple, but it is essential that you keep in mind the following:

  • Identify the energy source: in some cases cooktops may only work with gas or, in a few cases, in a hybrid way (they also have an electric energy source).

  • Market research: There is a wide range of induction cooktops on the market, so it is important that you research several of them and identify the ones that meet your needs.

  • Establish other changes that are needed: Making the switch from a gas cooktop to an electric one can bring other changes within your kitchen, such as changing the location of the appliance, changing the electrical system, even considering changing your pots and pans since not all cookware works with induction.

  • See if there is a subsidy: some governments, especially in the United States, are offering aid or subsidies to people who want to change their gas cooktops for induction ones in order to reduce the ozone footprint. This will allow you to save on remodeling costs.

  • Find a professional: changing your cooktop is not an easy thing; you have to have the aid of a professional. In some cases, the brand with which you buy your cooktops has certified partners that can help you upgrade your kitchen, like Elica, where we have a network of certified professionals that can assist you in the process.

Steps to change your cooktop

An extra tip about your electricity

If you have already decided that you want to change your cooktop for an induction one, before doing anything you need to consider that by changing to electricity, you will be increasing the use of amps that you normally use, which will require you to check if your electrical system can handle the extra load.

In general, the circuit breakers of houses have pre-established amperage that considers the average consumption of light bulbs and electrical appliances. If your current cooktop uses gas and before changing it you should check with a technician if your circuit breakers can service an induction one or if you need to modernize your electrical system.

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