How to renovate your kitchen?

How to renovate your kitchen?

Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen? There are times when a change is necessary, either to get rid of the monotony of the space or make it more efficient and a renovation becomes necessary. In this blog we talk about the things you need to consider in order to give your kitchen a new look.

Tips for a good renovation

The first thing you have to do is a plan in which you establish what you want to change and what you want to keep from the current design. Then take measurements of the different spaces and keep them in mind when designing the new elements for your kitchen.

There are many changes you can do to your kitchen but remember to always keep in mind the work triangle, your kitchen has to be designed to allow movement from station to station in order to work freely.

Another aspect of your kitchen that you have to consider is storage space, both for food and utensils, in order for you to have everything at hand when you are cooking.

In the new design (and depending on the size of the renovation) remember to give preference to light as it will help to provide better lighting during the day, better visibility when cooking and reduce electricity costs.

Tips for a good renovation

Choosing furniture

Once you have the design defined, measured all the spaces and planned the work triangle, it is time to choose the elements that will dress up the kitchen.

First of all, choose your countertop materials, making sure they are strong, antibacterial, easy to clean, and require little maintenance.

On the other hand, the most important element in the kitchen is the cooktop. We recommend that if you are going to do a complete renovation, you choose an induction cooktop, since its energy efficiency will be a plus when it comes to cooking.

While you are choosing the cooktop, you can also take the opportunity to pick the appropriate extraction hood for your kitchen according to your needs. There are several types with different extraction power and there are even some cooktops (like the NikolaTesla) that include an extraction system.

Finally, choose the furniture for your kitchen, make sure it is high quality and easy to clean so that it will last longer.

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