How to prepare your Thanksgiving dinner with a NikolaTesla

How to prepare your Thanksgiving dinner with a NikolaTesla?

November is getting closer and with it Thanksgiving Day, during this holiday we are grateful for the good things that have happened to us and celebrate it together with our family by sharing a delicious dinner.

Advantages of cooking with an induction cooktop

Among the reasons why it is considered a much healthier of cooking, is the fact that the plates give a uniform cooking temperature, which allows the food to cook evenly and as a result, have a better flavor.

When using oil to cook on an induction cooktop, its temperature remains constant, this prevents nutrients from being lost due to high temperatures and ensures that food does not absorb large amounts of oil.

On the other hand, when oil starts smoking, it means that fat has begun its combustion process and produces a substance called acrolein, which is a toxin. This is due to fatty acids, at high temperatures these are transformed into trans fats.

Advantages of cooking with an induction cooktop

When pans are overheated, they can lose their non-stick properties, which in most cases is Teflon. In recent years, Teflon has been subject to studies that have shown it to be highly carcinogenic.

In general, the overheating of the pan and oil is a result of overexposing them to high temperatures and a flame. When using induction cooktops, the cooking time is considerably reduced thanks to its constant heat and better temperature control that prevents the pan or the oil from exceeding their heat resistance.

Spend less time in the kitchen

The reduction of cooking time is one of the biggest pros of using an induction cooktop, and when preparing your Thanksgiving dinner, it can be the key to fully enjoying this holiday with your loved ones.

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