Discover the magic of cooking with induction technology

Discover the magic of cooking with induction technology

Induction is an innovative cooking technology that delivers efficiency, precision and safety, bringing the art of fine cooking into your kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the most technologically evolved spaces in our home; nowadays, appliances such as stoves, extractor hoods, and refrigerators not only simplify and make daily tasks safer, but their design also enhances the aesthetic appearance of our home, bringing a unique and modern style.

This technological advancement also extends to cooking techniques, being one of the most intriguing the induction technology. It uses a magnetic system to heat cookware through direct contact with the cooktop: once a metallic pot or pan is placed, the plate detects it and agitates its molecules through the magnetic field, generating the energy needed to heat the food inside.

This innovative method offers a unique culinary experience; imagine cooking at the exact temperature and achieving a perfectly seared steak or a gently melting chocolate within minutes, without using fire or gas, in a safe way which also saves energy. These benefits make it an attractive option for both cooking enthusiasts and professionals. Let's delve into these advantages:

Energy efficiency: unlike traditional techniques, induction cooktops use nearly 90 of the energy generated as direct heat in the cooking utensil, resulting in lower consumption. Additionally, it saves time as the process is faster and doesn't involve burning fossil fuels.

Precise temperature control: due to its digital control, you can adjust the temperature instantly, selecting the exact heat level for your food. This is a stark contrast to a gas stove, where you have to manually adjust the flame, by guessing it.

Safety: induction plates heat only beneath the cooking utensil, leaving the rest of the area cool. By having no open flames, the risk of burns is also reduced, and there's no chance of gas leaks.

Easy cleaning and maintenance: since induction cooktops don't have exposed burners or grills on a flat surface, they don't accumulate grease or food remnants, making the plate very easy to clean.

Finally, to get the most out of your induction cooktop, proper maintenance and usage are essential: procure to clean it after each use with a soft sponge, avoid abrasive products, don't attempt to use incompatible utensils, and ideally, it should be installed by a professional.

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