Decorating tips for your kitchen

Decorating tips for your kitchen

The kitchen can be considered an important space within the home, it is where we spend large amounts of our time and share moments with family or friends, whether preparing a meal or simply having a cup of coffee.

That is why, in today's note, we want to share with you some ideas to decorate this space with simple elements that will allow your kitchen to echo your personality.

Use your utensils as decoration

An easy and useful way to decorate your kitchen is to place some of your utensils as decorative elements. You can hang cups, pans or ladles in a wall space, this will allow you to keep these elements always at hand and at the same time add a special and unique touch to your kitchen.

Use decorative jars for your spices

Instead of having the original package where kitchen ingredients come, switch them to glass or ceramic jars, this will make your space look neater and clean. Depending on whether your style is more vintage or modern, you can find a wide variety of containers that match your taste.

Use decorative jars for your spices

Incorporate flowers, plants or cups

Another idea for your kitchen is to incorporate cups in some spaces, especially if they are from a collection or they include designs that you love. You can also use bottles as vases and some small flower pots with plants like herbs that are useful in the kitchen or succulents and cacti as decoration.

Give new life to the elements of your kitchen

Giving a new life to the decorative elements that you already have in your kitchen is a simple and economic way to refresh the look of that little part of your home. You can change your chair’s upholstery, paint the walls, change the order of the appliances or reuse some old containers.

Play with lighting

You can include decorative lamps in places like the island table or kitchen workspaces to create a cozy atmosphere. Another idea is the incorporation of a hood that has a special design, such as the hoods from the Disegno line at Elica.

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