Create an unforgettable thanksgiving dinner with these recipes using an induction cooktop

Create an unforgettable thanksgiving dinner with these recipes using an induction cooktop

This holiday is about sharing and enjoying, so forget about the stress of cooking and try these recipes with induction technology.

We know how important Thanksgiving is; a time to gather with our loved ones around the table while enjoying traditional food, and of course, acknowledge gratitude. However, we also understand that cooking for this occasion can be an exhausting task, taking hours of work and leaving a substantial amount of cleaning to be done.

Lucky for us, cooking techniques have evolved to simplify the kitchen labor by offering an experience not only faster, but more precise and safer: the induction technology is one of the most advanced in the appliance’s market, due to its magnetism system that heats the cookware through direct contact with the cooktop without using fire or gas.

That's why induction is the perfect choice for this day, allowing you to prepare delicious dishes very easily, and transforming your time in the kitchen into a culinary adventure to make your holiday season more enjoyable and stress-free. Here are some classic recipes to elevate your induction cooktop:

Orange glazed turkey: skip the oven and enjoy the benefits of precise temperature control, start by preheating the NikolaTesla between medium and high power. Then simply slice the turkey and brush it with butter, the orange glazed infused with aromatic herbs, place it on a pan on the induction grill, and let it work. The result? a perfectly cooked flavorful turkey without the traditional amount of work.

Mashed potato: as a side dish, nothing better than a good, mashed potato. Boil them until fork-tender, move it to a pan and incorporate warm milk and butter gradually as you mash, creating a creamy texture. Elevate the taste with a medley of fresh herbs such as chives, thyme, or rosemary, and season generously with salt and pepper.

Chocolate fondue: imagine having a desert like a chocolate fondue that effortlessly melts in every bite. The secret is the heat precision that an induction cooktop can provide incorporate high quality cocoa, heavy cream, a spoon of vanilla with dark chocolate to create a velvety texture. Gently mix it together and then serve it with fresh fruits and bread pieces.

It is time to welcome a new era of cooking filled with flavor, tradition, and innovation; with NikolaTesla we bring the precision and efficiency of induction technology to unlock a world of possibilities in the kitchen, so what are you waiting for? transform your ordinary dishes into flavor packed delights, as if they were always new.

At Elica, we’re committed to designing the most advanced appliances to enhance the culinary experience for every lifestyle, constantly striving for improvement. Join us, and reimagine the future with us, happy holidays


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