Common problems in extraction hoods

Common problems in extraction hoods

Maintenance of your cooktop and your extraction hood are essential for their proper functioning during their whole useful life, otherwise they can start causing problems.

For today's note, we share with you the main problems that an extraction hood can display over time.

Oil in the engine

After some use there is a possibility that the engine has oil, it is a common issue due to its operation, but this can be avoided by giving it regular maintenance and clean-up and by changing the filters according to the recommendations from the manual or the filter’s instructions. Consider installing the correct type of filter for your extraction hood

Engine burnt out

Engine burn out is a result of poor maintenance as well as the misuse of the hood.

By misuse we mean exceeding the hood’s extraction capacity indicated in the user manual. To avoid engine burn out, turn on your hood 2 minutes before cooking and 2 minutes after you have finished.

Engine burnt out

Blown fuses or bulbs

Blown fuses of bulb are among the easiest problems to solve in extraction hoods, over time, they wear out and stop working.

To solve this problem, you need to know the make and model of your hood and hire a technician that will change the fuse or bulb properly, especially in cases where you need to change the circuits, the fuses or specific luminaries such as LEED.

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