Changing from Gas Stove to Induction, new regulations on United States

Changing from Gas Stove to Induction, new regulations on United States

Climate change is a reality that affects us all in many different ways. Some problems have plagued the United States for a few years such as the supply of basic resources like natural gas, one of the country’s main sources of energy and the main cause of greenhouse gas emissions.

In order to solve this problem and reduce the greenhouse effect, several cities are already legislating in favor of banning the use of natural gas, mainly in new homes.

Prohibition of the use of natural gas

At the end of 2021, New York joined San Francisco, Denver and Seattle, by approving the ban on the use of natural gas in most new buildings in order to fight the greenhouse effect and climate change.

This legislation for new buildings up to 7 floors will take effect at the end of 2023 and in 2027 for all tall buildings, although there will be some exemptions like hospitals, commercial kitchens and laundries.

Within this new legislation, heating systems, kitchens or hot water tanks must work with electricity obtained from clean energy sources.

In the case of residents who live in buildings prior to this new legislation and still use gas, they will not be required to change the heating system or the kitchen.

Prohibition of the use of natural gas

Why the change?

H2: Why the change?

70 of greenhouse gas emissions are produced by housing, so more and more cities are legislating in favor of using clean energy sources. In the United States natural gas is the main source of energy, followed by nuclear and hydraulic, and New York is the sixth largest consumer of natural gas nationwide. It is expected that with this new legislation the city will be able to remove up to 2.1 million tons of carbon consumption by 2040.

The Federal Government has not passed similar regulations, but the population has been encouraged to use induction cooktops in order to support these initiatives established by cities and states and to contribute to sustainability and the environment.

These types of regulations will continue to be adopted in different parts of the world due to the global problem derived from climate change. In the case of Elica, we have two models of induction cooktops; the NikolaTesla One and NikolaTesla Switch. These two cooktops are perfect for any kind of kitchen and make cooking a special experience.

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