3 Easy Tips To Avoid Grease In Your Kitchen

3 Easy Tips To Avoid Grease In Your Kitchen

Some may say that keeping a clean kitchen when food is made regularly is almost impossible. It is true that the more you cook, the more possible is that grease and stains become difficult to clean up. For those who love to cook but also mind keeping the kitchen cabinets, cupboards and stove as clean as possible, here are 3 useful tips to achieve just that.

1. The right cleaning products are essential. There will be always something to clean if you use your kitchen on a regular basis. For laminated cupboards, you can remove stains using bathroom aerosol on the surface. You can also dilute common dish soap in warm water with lemon juice and wash your cabinets with a sponge. For wood cupboards, you can dilute wood floor cleaner in warm water and brush all the surfaces with the mixture. Do not forget to rinse with cold water and a soft cloth. You can also use vinegar as a less abrasive option to clean light stains.

2. 2. A good range can be your best ally. Installing a good-quality range hood is the best way to prevent grease and stain accumulation in the kitchen. Even though is even better if the exhaust system discharges the odors and moist outside your house, it also helps if you have a recirculating range hood. Remember to clean/change the filters as frequently as you need to use your hood to its full capacity. Using any vent hood frequently will prevent grease accumulation on walls, cabinets and the much hated and difficult-to-clean grimy coat on the cupboards.

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3. Take your time to cook. As crazy as it sounds, cooking slowly helps to prevent stains and grease accumulation. When you take your time, you can clean up by stages if you drop something or spill food over the stove, cabinets or cupboards. You can wipe up an accident every time it occurs instead of leaving it at the end to avoid forgetting some stains until it is too late.

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There are a million solutions to help you keep your kitchen as clean as possible, but if you really do these three basic tips on a regular basis, you will certainly avoid any serious cleaning emergency in one of your house's most vulnerable areas.


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